With another 6 months development since last Open-Beta we are very excited to announce next opening for the public.

> Server release on Wednesday(2018-12-19) 18:00 CEST

General changes

> New starting Area containing Matchmaking area, PvP Arena, Depot, Gambling, .. etc.

> Runes : - Great Fireball rune, Sudden Death rune, Magic Wall rune, Explosion rune (using runes by Hotkey will reduce damage by 25%).

> We're as close to 100% custom sprites as possible. But keep in mind our roots from OTLand are not lost. There could be few missing placeholder sprites still to be replaced, please report those.

> Ranking system : - Seasonal Tier-based (5 tiers). Every 3(?..) months reset Ranks and give top 1% players Free Mod and premium time. Top 3 players will be announced on a History Fame page. Your ranking will now be based on amount of MOBA/BR Wins, games played, MOBA winrate for higher ranks. & lots more!

GM Sajgon December. 16th, 2018


Happy to announce we are Live!

We designed champsbattle to be a fun, balanced PvP game based on OT server. We have implemented the most intense game modes MOBA/DOTA and Battle Royale!

Any concerns or questions you can visit the website or Discord for direct communication - PM me is also an option.

Play now!

GM Sajgon July. 13th, 2018



The countdown has ended.

We are happy and excited to announce the date of champsbattle to go Live! 2018-07-13 18:00 CEST.

The grind is over! Play your favorite PvP game - either MOBA or Battle Royale! We got it. Do not be afraid of difference as this server is, the learning curve is low.

This weeks schedule plan

  • Internal BETA start: 2018-07-10 19:00 CEST
  • Internal BETA stop: 2018-07-12 16:00 CEST
  • Public Release 2018-07-13 19:00!
GM Sajgon July. 12th, 2018

CHAMPSBATTLE: Part 2 - Internal Beta

After 6 months we are back up online with an internal beta to begin with.

For 2 days everyone can download the client and play for free as it will always be. All discord users with an account created before thursday closing time(see below) will gain 90 days of premium time worth 15€ for the help to kickstart this.

Battle Royale

I would like to introduce Battle Royale to champsbattle.

For now meet playerbase settings for Battle Royale will look like this
  • -1x World open
  • -Solo queue
  • -Min. 5 players.
  • -Max. 30 players.
When minimum players has join there will be a broadcast to prepare players to join. Ofcourse MOBA is still playable!

This weeks schedule plan

  • Internal BETA start: 2018-07-10 19:00 CEST
  • Internal BETA stop: 2018-07-12 16:00 CEST
  • Public advertising will begin.
  • Public Release 2018-07-13 18:00!
GM Sajgon July. 10th, 2018

New MOBA mode - Zenera

champsbattle new mode

Play 3 versus 3 or 4 versus 4 on a single lane with fun features such as

  • Dragon creeps
  • 2 neutral monsters
  • 2 minutes rune spawn
  • 2 minutes chest reward
GM Sajgon January. 20th, 2018

New client version released

champsbattle new client

The release of the new client version is OUT! Make sure to download the new client version in the right menu and replace the old one as it won't be useable anymore.

GM Sajgon January. 17th, 2018

New year, new opportunities


Champsbattle is a 2D MOBA game, with same or additional features as any other MOBA game. This server was built with open source material (TFS, Znote, OTClient etc). All contributors to this project made clear it’s free support or got paid for the job (except cipsofts placeholder graphics ofcourse hihi thx).

Just about one year passed since the initial start of this project. The first task was done 30th December 2016. Since then more than 400(!) tasks has been completed. Making it one of the most advanced online OTServer with a custom client. A task can be to create a function, add a new champion or solve a bug.

What we’ve achieved during 2017

Actually everything! As mentioned before one year ago this project didn’t even exist. We’ve built a stable ground for the server to run. We have also got a website and a couple of motivating followers. We have reached thousands of players on forums, OTServer lists or social media. More than 450 accounts has been created during the open beta and 500 matches played on the 2 two different game modes we offer.

The start of the open-beta server phase has been open for 4 months (open 4th July 2017) and is still online right now with a 24/7 uptime. There are 20 playable champs, categorized by tank/carry or support. You can read the road to release here.

Then what’s for 2018?

Work harder, invest more and enjoy every piece of it. As most features are already implemented, it’s time to improve them and polish the sharp edges of the gameplay. Adding more various champions with amazing spells and replace more graphics. Next client release 100% of all the champions will have a custom looktype!

Soon we will add another more fun, dynamic game mode that will offer a variety in game modes.


We have/had issues finding newcommers an opponent to play with, as you will need to be minimum 2 players to play with. Therefore we recommend this if there are no players online

  • -> Invite a friend.
  • -> Keep active on the website to watch players online CHAMPSBATTLE | Homepage
  • -> Join Discord(Free voice and text chat for gamers) and ask active people to play: "@here lets play?!".
  • -> Join Discord(Free voice and text chat for gamers) and ask me if i'm available to play: "@Sajgon lets play?!".

Thanks for the support everybody and happy new year!

GM Sajgon January. 1st, 2018

New client released!

champsbattle new client

We have come a long way after one year since the initial start of this project.
The progress has been quick, and its time to release a new playable client that will not limit us anymore. Features and improvements such as screen size adjustments, Minimap markers, UI and no dependency on third parties are required.

GM Sajgon October. 15th, 2017

New mode Zaoan Walls!

Play 1vs1 or 2vs2 in a single lane mode with creeps and looting.

> First to kill opponents base or best of 3 kills.

GM Sajgon July. 30th, 2017

Open-Beta is Live!

Welcome to CHAMPSBATTLE! A 2D MOBA PC game.

> Fight in 5vs5 matches with intense battles all game long with early game focusing on extreme grindig, sneaks and tactics.

> The game is in Open-Beta version, meaning everyone is free to join the game but it may contain bugs. Please report issues on our Discord link on the website.

Hosted in west Europe

GM Sajgon July. 4th, 2017

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